Monday, January 28, 2013

Free E-Book Promotion Extended Two More Weeks!

In the past six months, more than a thousand people have downloaded my short stories and given me a lot of positive feedback. I was planning to end the free promotion for these books on February 1st, but as a show of appreciation to all my readers, I’ve decided to extend the free promotion another two weeks for the following titles:
  • Broken Glass: A not-so-good Samaritan picks the wrong girl to rescue.
  • Date with a Devil: Two urban predators use murder and manipulation as tools for flirting.
  • Family Affair: A gang initiation gone wrong sends a killer on a path of revenge.
  • Dead on Arrival: A simple favor descends into an assassination plot.

The promotional period for my other titles will continue, but as of February 15th, these titles will be gone. Read them now for free while you can!

I plan to release a new novel called Smooth Operator later this year. Until then, I hope you enjoy everything in the Nightlife Publishing catalog.

Have fun.

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