Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Nightlife Publishing 2012 Year in Review

Overnight success takes years of patient effort, but after six months of independent publishing, we have definitely made some progress to be proud of in terms of results and feedback. 

The Numbers
I’m clearly not threatening James Patterson for his spot on the best seller list, but everyone has to start somewhere. Here are our numbers so far:

850: The number of times my stories have been downloaded by people who obviously have superior taste.

55: The number of witty, insightful and compelling blog posts I have produced.

12: The number of short stories and novellas I have out in the world through various platforms including Amazon, Smashwords and Kobo.

3: The number of author interviews I’ve done in print and audio

1: The number of magazines my work have been featured in.

The Words
In addition to the cold, hard numbers, my writing has generated a lot of positive responses from others in the industry. Not all of the reviews have been good of course, but here are some of the highlights:

Afraid of the Dark: “Don't try to out-think this one, I guarantee you won't win! The ending is perfect for the story, but the dark is not what you think it is...” 
Doreen Mulryan Marts, author of the Frankly Fannie Series

Asset Management: “Every time I thought I knew what was about to happen next, I was wrong, and every time I loved it. It’s a fantastic read. It really keeps you on your toes.” 
Matt Blank, author

Broken Glass: “Although it is very brief, it packs a powerful punch and covers many bases: lust, betrayal, false heroics, greed and the almost brutal reality of urban life at its coldest core.” 
Conrad Johnson Author of Crying Bullets

Dead on Arrival: “5 stars! 4 dead bodies! 3 laugh-out-louds! 2 great characters! And one long, satisfying pee in the bushes!” 
Kim Chamberlain, Publisher Espionage Magazine

Family Affair: “It reads a little like some of Andrew Vachs “Burke” novels though it far less politically correct. The territory is similar and the dark ambiance aims for the same targets.” 
Tom Vater, author of The Cambodian Book of the Dead

The Replacements: This short story reads like an episode of Law and Order SVU. It is thriller with both sex and violence and an interesting ending.  
Kari Gibson, owner Gibson Books

So far, the world of independent publishing has been alternatively frustrating and fulfilling. I’d like to thank everyone who took the time to meet me and my characters. We have plans to offer you even more in 2013.

Have fun.

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