Saturday, June 17, 2017

Gamal Hennessy's Portfolio

Words have the power to connect people and I have spent years making those connections for my clients.

It doesn’t matter if I’m writing a piece on the legal aspects of the entertainment industry or an international crime story.

It could be a short as a tweet or as long as a novel.

The results are are the same.

I always bring a professional and passionate perspective to my work.

Please feel free to browse the links below to sample my work. If you want to put my words to work for you, please use the contact form on the right or send an email to

Writing on Business
  1. Profit and Loss Statements for Independent Publishers
  2. So How Much Does It Cost to Publish a Book?
  3. Understanding the Difference between Gross Profits and Net Profits
  4. Is Diversity Killing Marvel Comics?
  5. Do We Have Too Much Comics Based Entertainment?

Writing on Law
  1. How to Get Your Clients to Pay You
  2. How to Hire a Lawyer
  3. How to Reject a Bad Contract
  4. Image and Story: Understanding Copyrights and Trademarks
  5. Negotiating Power in Creative Contracts

Writing on Writing
  1. Analysis of Story Structure: The Chapter
  2. Consequential Violence: The Impact of Combat in Fiction
  3. Creating a Story Using the Three Levels of Conflict
  4. Improving on Perfection: How to Edit Your Novel
  5. Reading Lists for Writers

Have fun.

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