Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Brief Introduction to the Crime and Passion Blog

You and I share something in common. Curiosity led you to this post. Curiosity inspires me to write. Most of my books focus on adult crime fiction and I plan to use this blog to explore the real world influences on my work. I want to share ideas to increase your understanding and interest in the forces that shape modern conflict. The conflict could be based on our internal struggles, our personal interactions or the challenges facing us as a group. All of them play a role in my creations.

I’ve renamed this blog, and my series of novels, Crime and Passion because those concepts describe the what and the why of my curiosity. The characters in my stories are spies, assassins, prostitutes, slave traders, gun runners, thieves, mercenaries and others who make crime and violence their way of life. They are driven by greed, pride, lust, envy, hatred and other expressions of our darker nature. My hope is to create stories you can relate to, even if you see a side of yourself you might not like.

Writing in this genre exposes me to a lot of fascinating real world stories. My research covers a wide net, including news stories, books and open source intelligence reports. I want to use this blog to share the information I find and hopefully have a dialogue on aspects of the real world that are far more fascinating than any fiction I create.

Because I write about real world issues for adults, this blog will explore some hot button issues concerning politics, sexuality, social issues and violence. I will offer my perspective on news stories relevant to my writing. Those perspectives might not conform to popular opinion or to your experience. I welcome discussion and alternative views, but I try not to waste time with trolls.

I hope Crime and Passion satisfies your curiosity and stimulates your imagination.

Have fun.
Gamal Hennessy

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