Monday, February 17, 2014

Advance Review Request for The Art of Seduction

I'm currently looking for advanced reviewers for my novella, The Art of Seduction from February 18, 2014 to March 10th 2014.

If you're not familiar with the advance review process, don't worry. All that means is that you get an early copy of the book in exchange for an honest review that you post on Amazon or Good Reads. It doesn’t have to be a five star review. An honest assessment of your reaction is better for other readers and the author.

Advanced reviewers for this book will receive a free copy of A Taste of Honey as a thank you for your support.

If you enjoy crime thrillers or spy stories, consider this premise:

The Art of Seduction: A Taste of Honey Book Two

Nikki Sirene is a spy who uses her sexual charms to steal secrets. Her latest target is Manuel Cruz, an Argentine shipping magnate who might be using his company to smuggle weapons into Mexico. Nikki's mission is to get close enough to the womanizer to get access to his shipping records.

Seducing this kind of man is easy for Nikki, but dealing with his paranoid business partner and mysterious wife create complications and problems she couldn't anticipate. 
As threats emerge from all sides, will Nikki remain the hunter or will she become the target?

Note: This is episode two of A Taste of Honey. The story began in Book One: Anything for Love and will conclude in Book Three: The Screams of Passion.

If you're interested in being an advanced reviewer for this book, please send an e-mail to and I'll give you all the dirty details.

Thanks for playing.

Have fun.


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