Friday, June 8, 2012

What is Sex and Violence?

I’ve been writing short stories since 1998 without a good way to sell them. Now there are so many Kindles, IPads and Nooks out there that selling e-books make sense. Now I have enough experience running my own businesses to be comfortable self publishing. Now I might even be egotistical enough to expose my creativity and face the inevitable consequences.
Sex and Violence is going to be a series of monthly short stories that deal with…you guessed it, sex and violence. These are the themes that occupy my mind most of the time. Almost every voluntary activity I do has a connection to one of these states. Sex and violence also seem to spark the most emotion and controversy in society. It is the underlying basis of what drives us. We are constantly running towards one and away from the other. They are the physical expressions of our most extreme opposites; love and hate, pleasure and pain, life and death. If I’m going to write about something that holds my attention (and hopefully yours) I can’t think of two better topics.
My plan is to release three stories on June 29th, so you can get them for the Fourth of July holiday. After that, I plan to release two stories a month. One story will be erotic inspired by writers like Anias Nin, Lonnie Barbach and Oscar Wilde (that’s the Sex part). The other story will be a neo noir style of fiction similar to films like Seven, the Usual Suspects and Chinatown (that’s the Violence part). I can only hope something I write is as good as any of those.
I plan to sell on all three major platforms and keep you up to date on my progress on this site. I might also share thoughts on the creative process, review the work of other writers and randomly vent here, but I’ll try to keep the venting to a minimum.
Thank you for exploring Sex and Violence. I hope you enjoy the experience. Please feel free to leave a comment if you have questions, comments, criticisms or ideas.
Have fun.

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